When Car Driving Can No Longer Be

Most of us fortunate to be part of the affluent Western world take the act of driving a vehicle for granted. The independence brought by being in the drivers seat is generally unspoken and blanketed by the layers of the very real and conscious logistics related stuff: purpose, traffic conditions, time limits, car repairs, kids

It Takes a Village to Create a Quilt

Sometimes it takes a village to create…many outcomes. What does your village look like?. We all want to live independently and be self-reliant, and fortunately, most of us can forever. But even for the healthiest of us, the strong in mind and body, the determined, the driven and the in-between, we all rely on those

The Luckiest People

Being less than able sucks [1]!! Moving through your world with Jacob Marley type chains in the form of mental and physical impairment or disability inarguably makes for a more difficult life.

Those affected do not have a choice – it’s there and we’re living it. 

But what about those by our side, those that help