The Only Way Is Up

So here we are at 7am on a mild May Melbourne morning managing the delivery of marvellous manmade metals and glass and other components of great magnitude…to me anyway.

The beginnings of our new lift.

I may have mentioned previously that the future severity and rate of symptom onset is quite uncertain with                    Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy. 

For us, Gaz and I, this has lead to interminable discussions about how to adapt to these somewhat opaque and difficult to forecast changes. Do we sell or renovate, downsize or relocate. If so, to where?. House, apartment, suburbs, regional…so many choices.

We have a family size two storey house and knew that something would have to give somewhere in our future.

We had two major considerations. Despite a staircase with very low risers (140mm) which did afford me longer climbing use than I otherwise might have had, I have been unable to access upstairs for at least 4 years. And while we have our bedroom and ensuite downstairs , the shower is becoming much more problematic as I require showering assistance.

Our momentous decision had been reached after countless hours of discussion, many research trips, pro and con lists, tapping my inner crystal ball and months of deliberation.

 OUTCOME – Let’s stay and spend the stamp duty fees, and inevitable renovation costs at any new house, on renovating our current one that we love.


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As a Mum of young adults being unable to access their living and sleeping areas was not always a negative. I’m sure my blood pressure was lower due to my inability to bear witness to the mayhem that is the natural living environment of the teenager.

Gradually though we had to rezone rooms and areas as I reluctantly relocated my sewing area, including fabric stash, books, baskets and sewing machine downstairs. The downside was not so much turning the lounge room, that I had so much fun decorating complete with chrome pendant light (AKA DeathStar due to its impractical, yet beautiful, size and drop), but that my mid creation messes were now in full view of all and sundry.

Original incarnation of the front room (pre sewing room and office)..actually looks kinda boring now. I think the presence of a lift will be an enhancement after all.

We expect our new lift to be completely installed within 10 days at which time I will not only be able to move my sewing paraphernalia to whence it came but can once again sort and match all my manchester in my upstairs linen cupboard  – what joy!!!

And as my children have (in theory) moved out I will be able to safely and happily visit each bedroom whenever the heck I want to. 

I will keep you updated as to the progress of the current lift project -the first part of our great change-with stage two, the ensuite modification to follow in June.

I would love to hear from you if you have any questions about any parts of this project including my research, the considerations made and anything else that may interest or assist you.

Take Care ’til next time,



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