It Takes a Village to Create a Quilt

Sometimes it takes a village to create…many outcomes.

What does your village look like?. We all want to live independently and be self-reliant, and fortunately, most of us can forever. But even for the healthiest of us, the strong in mind and body, the determined, the driven and the in-between, we all rely on those around us.

The extent varies depending on the project or task and our abilities.

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Time To Embrace The New Hug

I’m a hugger. I think people fall into two camps when it comes to this oft times public and spontaneous show of affection – you’re either into it or you’re not. This human style of endearment suited me well for the first four and a half decades of my life – I certainly took both giving and receiving a good cuddle for granted anyway until Adult Onset Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy (LGMD) made its unwelcome and progressive presence known in my world.

I have had pause to  reflect on my hugging penchant lately especially after very dear friends of ours came for a Saturday evenings dinner and drinks recently. I enjoyed the best bear type greeting hug I’ve had from a friend in such a long time and I really, really loved it (some folks have just got it) but I couldn’t adequately reciprocate and haven’t been able to for some time.

We as humans are an affectionate and emotional species. We need to touch – to seek energy from each other. We use hugging and cuddling as an extension of our feelings and a reciprocation of love, warmth and solace. We cling together when we are cold, lonely, scared and sad. We hug to be intimate and to feel loved. We embrace in warm and hearty greetings. And we cuddle because sometimes – well – it just feels good.

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Beached Wheels

As a newby to this wheelchair game I was feeling a little reticent and self-conscious about using a beach wheelchair during our recent visit to Noosa in beautiful Queensland. It really had been ages since feeling sand and water under my feet and why else would we be at this Aussie iconic beach destination (apart from food and champagne of course, but I can get that in Melbourne)?.

We tracked the wheelchair down at a nearby hotel, and for a mere gold coin donation this rubber wheeled jalopy was ours and I was on the pathway to salty watery freedom with a small dose of terror.

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