Ramping up the mods – it’s a dogs life

IKEA flat packs – so amateur

Continuing on from The Only Way Is Up posted May 19 2017

After a few hour delay in the beginning of our long awaited lift installation we now have a few bodies working around the flat pack mess created on Friday from the parts delivery.

While our King of the House, Labrador, Banjo suffers the indignity of being outside, yet another stage of our home modifications is well underway. With a 10 day estimated completion time I am sceptically excited and impatient. There will still, ofcourse, be new flooring to lay upstairs and completion of plastering and painting to finish.

Delivery from the Liftshop – some assembly required


 Barefooting it in the stalls

As you may know by now the uncertain timeline and onset of symptoms of Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy means that anyone with the condition needs to continuously reassess their situation and look ahead for solutions. Waiting until the next stage has hit quite often means that one might be left facing a limited quality of life for an extended period of time – or putting themselves or others at serious physical risk. (i.e. when to stop driving a car ?).

The first major sign of mobility impairment for me was the inability to rise without arm support. Taking my shoes off and having bare feet has enabled me to gain length between the seat and the floor. This had been a really, really, really worthwhile adaptation for some time, although not ideal in some public toilet situations . I still use this now even though in very recent times my legs are less likely to actually work at all, despite having raised the height of my toilet frame and the cushions on my manual wheelchair gradually over the last few years. My reliance on Gaz for these tasks now has increased significantly.

Spot the ramp...
Spot the enviro rubber ramp

Not long after my first shoe removal scenario ascending our staircase had become increasingly difficult as were single step-ups like external doorways. As we like to be proactive we installed external ramps from local manufacturer and supplier, Enviro Rubber, to all entries. The best use of recycled rubber we have ever known, and coming in a few colour choices they are very unobtrusive and barely noticeable to most who visit after the first time.

Next Steps

We then considered, with the help of my fabulously invaluable OT (Occupational Therapist), installing a motorised Stairlift. For a little while this seemed a brilliant life-enhancing idea. I could continue to sew upstairs and keep control of matching towels, sheets and random bowls of dried cereal and icecream remnants (not typically in the same bowl). You know the essential activities of  a well ordered domestic life.

Alas, with the consideration came the conclusion that while the home addition of a stairlift would be very beneficial it would be for a limited time only as there would come a time (say..now) when I wouldn’t be able to transfer myself on and off the stairlift chair. And like so many so called limited time offers  the timeline is quite fluid and the offer becomes ineffective. Yes marketing 101 users we are on to you!!

Holey moley !!!
I’ve been shafted !!!

This is why we are currently surrounded by mess and mayhem and fluoro high viz vests .

My fully inclusive home is getting closer. Yee hah!!!







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