Nothing prehistoric about this wheel service

Over the recent years my natural inclination for retail gratification has had to be curbed somewhat. Despite an invaluable support network spontaneity is no longer an ally. Therefore shopping is a welcome outing when it happens especially when the purchasing of beautiful, unique jewellery is with my soon to be transmigrating daughter, Amy.

As is my necessary “pre visit anywhere” habit now I “Google mapped “ the street and shop front which appeared to show a small step (TIP beware the unreliable aspects of online footage). We took my trusty and much used portable Decpac ramp – just in case.

Travel into Sth Yarra from our outer suburb was a breeze as was the parking right next to street level lift access. Amy and I roller walked past many a shop front with flush or very slightly inclined doorways to find our destination had a seemingly Mt Kosciusko size step and a very narrow entrance. Not to worry Amy raced back to the car to get our trusty ramp, which was too wide for the offending doorway. The lovely staff member was very apologetic and tried to assist us as did a good samaritan strolling past – all to no avail.

My earrings back and front .Cute little button stud at back – all else went OS as gifts.

This could have been a story with a disappointing ending but for Amy’s problem solving abilities and the shop assistant’s buy in to her idea.

 Consequently our shopping experience consisted of being outdoors in the bright warm Spring sunshine, sipping latte’s at the next door Cafè enjoying the presentation of various bowls of beautiful creations.

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that we indeed spent up well.

 This sort of customer service and engagement should be everywhere for people of all abilities. Kudos to the staff at Dinosaur Designs – and perhaps the landlord might just look at renovating for you and ALL your customers.

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