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69 Canberra Ave, Kingston, ACT

I have always enjoyed visiting our nation’s capital and have explored it with our young children and sans wheelchair a few times over the years. Canberra’s political and cultural history, the planned beauty of the city and suburbs, the symmetrical town planning of buildings and spires and gardens is enjoyably unique .

We chose the East Hotel nicely located in the Manuka Shopping Precinct through recommendation and proximity to the central city location. Of course everything’s close to Civic in Canberra.


The East Hotel boasts what I consider to be definitively the BEST Italian restaurant outside the old boot shaped peninsula herself. Agostini’s was so good and so well priced we dined there for each of our four nights stay. The place was always busy and serves locals dining in and taking away as well as those of us who are visiting. The service was efficient, friendly and professional . Access is super easy as it is located on the ground floor just off the foyer and through a wide walkway. I can’t rate it highly enough.

Restaurants, separate bar and a bookshop all at East Hotel

Breakfast was equally as impressive as we mixed with a heavy patronage of locals ordering takeaway coffees, enjoying business meetings over deliciousness or selecting their latest novel from the Muse Book Shop. The vibe of Muse is one of laid back coolness with contemporary varied and healthy options of many dishes. The restaurant is licenced and open til late. Although not accessible by the front door there is a platform lift from inside the foyer of the East Hotel that takes you to the Muse level with a standard width heavy push door to enter into the restaurant.

East Hotel boasts a book shop, Chapter one, with new and used books on offer in a relaxed contemplative setting with beautiful floor rugs and low hum of voices it’s a cosy place to be. It’s very Canberra and I mean that in the most affectionate and literary sense.

Website and Booking

This contemporary and progressive hotel includes their Luxe Easy Access room description including some measurements on their website. What joy. We booked in person but the online booking process looks to be pretty simple and they have a very responsive live chat function. Of course there is the option of a good old fashioned phone call.


Parking is underground parking which is easy to access. However the height limit is 1.9m which didn’t suit our Kia with attached storage pod. We were not only able to park in the 5 minute parking strip at the front of the hotel but were happily surprised to see that a thoughtful staff member had placed a pole behind our rear entry van to enable me to have uninterrupted entry.

pole placed behind our rear entry Kia by very helpful staff

Interior including the room

The Hotel has a wide open foyer with a lower reception desk at the end of the traditionally high counter top. The lifts are highly responsive and quite spacious to access the 140 rooms; 4 of these rooms are their Luxe Easy Access Rooms. This is a great number compared to some other hotels.

The Luxe Easy Access Room has a door opening of 90cm and has no electronic push button auto opening. The capacious entry into the kitchenette part is 140cmW x 290cmL and includes a welcome Nespresso machine, cooktop, microwave and 84cm bench height although it is not roll under. There is a roll under bench in the living area and a table.

The bed has 145cm and 245cm clearance from each side and room underneath for a roll under hoist.

It is lovey to have a balcony but the entry onto the balcony is through a 60cm sliding door and over tracks. This could be achieved in my manual chair with a push and a tilt but not my power chair at all.

The roll in shower bathroom is 225cm x 270cm and door cavity is 93cm with a handy sliding door.

Toilet height is 45cm. Sink depth to wall is 45cm. 63cm clearance from under the sink to floor and nother 31cm from under sink to top of it.

In Summary

In case you haven’t picked up on it yet I loved the East Hotel.

We took both manual and power wheelchairs, stand hoist and shower commode. We had plenty of room to store them all including easy height power point’s in convenient locations to charge the power chair.

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